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D2M develops and maintains relationships with several industry-leading firms in order to give our customers a wide range of data resources, brokers and trading methods to choose from. In order to bring you the most comprehensive trading tools in the market, we work with the following top-end brokers.

UKCH InterBank is a spot FX execution venue for banks only, part of UKCH Exchange, an FCA regulated MTF. MTF vs Exchange vs ECN Based on the proven, reliable, award-winning UKCH Exchange FX matching technology, UKCH InterBank delivers all the benefits of exchange quality execution, complete pre and post-trade transparency and a level playing field for ALL participants - regardless of status, size or activity levels.

UKCH InterBank

- built on industry proven UKCH Exchange technology Based in London, UK, UKCH Exchange, an FCA authorised operator of MTF, operates several platforms, including UKCH InterBank, an execution venue for spot FX for banks only. The exchange execution model is the most efficient and cost effective way to trade very liquid products like spot FX. In an industry currently driven by regulatory reforms, UKCH InterBank is able to deliver that same transparent, neutral, level playing field to all participants in the interbank FX market.

UKCH Exchange

  • 2013 Best Margin Sector Platform
  • 2013 Best FX Trading Platform - ECN/MTF WSL Awards - more
  • 2011 Best Trading System - Financial Sector Technology Awards - more
  • 2011 Oracle's "Duke's Choice