Deposit & Withdraws

Deposit Funds


  • Fund your account ahead of your live FX transactions.
  • Please transfer funds to the following bank account, and be advised that you are requested to enter your account information with D2M in the space provided and named “Message” or “Message to Recipient”.
  • Please note that when you transfer foreign currencies other than USD to your account with HSBC, it will be automatically converted into USD by the Bank.

Fund your Account


Please Insert your “User ID” and “Your Name” to [Message to Beneficiary] When you make Payment to your Account with D2M. This will insure that your funds are deposited into your account in a timely manner.
Please note that payments to your Account with D2M may only be effected from accounts registered in your name.
※Your fund is completely segregated from D2M's operating money and safely kept in the Client Money accounts as mentioned above.